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Pass the Paloma

Pass the Paloma, Pigeon Forge, TN

Waxing Poetic on The Wayback's "Drink of Choice"

If you've spent more than five minutes at The Wayback, you've probably noticed we've got a pretty big thing for palomas. (And tacos.) We love them so much that we named our on-site restaurant Paloma Scratch Kitchen. A lot of people ask us why, and honestly, the main answer is pretty simple: because they're delicious. But we've got a few more reasons to love them:

Palomas go great with pancakes.

You can't throw a box of Bisquick without hitting a pancake house here in Pigeon Forge. We're kind of obsessed with those fluffy, buttery flapjacks, and what better way to wash 'em down than with a glass of crisp, refreshing, breakfasty grapefruit juice….that's been spiked with tequila? You're on vacation, after all.

Palomas bring good vibes.

At The Wayback, we pride ourselves on delivering summer vibes all year round. It's part of our whole island-in-the-middle-of-the-mountains thing. Considering the paloma is synonymous with summer, it makes it the perfect drink of choice—especially when you're poolside.

Palomas aren't overly complicated.

Look, we love a cloche-smoked, Sci-Fi-looking bespoke cocktail as much as the next person, but at heart, we're pretty casual folk. We don't need a ton of pomp and circumstance to prove anything; the paloma is proof enough that less can be more.

The paloma has a curious history.

No one really knows who invented the paloma. We do know it didn't pop up until after 1938, as this was when Squirt was invented, but its origin story remains a mystery. Considering Pigeon Forge is a place that raises a few questions, we respect a cocktail that does the same.

Pigeon = Paloma.

"Paloma" is Latin for our dear namesake aviator, while also meaning dove or pigeon in Spanish. Which is, perhaps, the most important point of all.

Paloma Pigeon

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